Covid-19 Precautions


Firstly, we hope you & your loved ones are keeping well at this time, we have
so missed not being in the salon & seeing you all. We’re delighted to inform
you that after almost 15 weeks we will be reopening our doors on 4th July

Whilst we are excited to get back to doing what we love, we wanted to let you
know that in order to re-open under the context of Covid-19, we have made
some changes to the way we operate with your health & safety as our top
priority. The first thing we have changed is our protocols & standards in
hygiene. You will notice that as a result of this, your salon experience will be
different from previous visits.

Please read carefully so that you’re prepared for not only the changes we
have made, but also the guidance we are asking our clients to adhere to, so
as to avoid any disappointment on arrival or during your appointment.


What will change?

  • We have staggered our working hours & have elongated our opening times.
    The idea behind this is so we can see as many of our clients as possible,
    whilst still maintaining the highest level of hygiene standards. Each service
    will have an additional 15mins added on to it to give us time to prepare the
    area for each new client.


  • Your stylist will be wearing PPE (including masks & visors) – this might seem
    a little strange, but it’s to protect both yourselves & our team. PPE will be
    changed regularly according to the Government & The World Health
    Organisation’s guidelines.


  • We ask that if you have a mask then please wear it to your appointment. If
    there is no way of accessing your own mask, then we can supply you with


  • Upon arrival, we will be remotely checking your temperature. Our non-contact
    thermometers let us know if you have a raised temperature & if you do (above
    37.8C) we will have to rearrange your appointment in the interests of a salon
    safe environment. Our team will also be temperature checked on arrival to


  • We will be monitoring how many people are waiting in reception at one time &
    may move you to a quieter part of the salon or ask you to wait in your car in
    order to follow social distancing guidelines. Please do your best not to arrive
    early or late for your appointment.


  • Before your appointment, your Stylist/Beautician will guide you to our hand
    washing area, while your phone is sterilised by our Front of House in one of
    our LED/UV sterilising machines. Theses machines are completely safe &
    cause no damage to your phone, in fact we were implementing these
    methods just before the lockdown & they were working well.


  • We will not be operating a cloakroom, so bring a light jacket &/or leave bulky
    coats & shopping bags in your car.


  • We won’t be serving food or drinks & have removed any ‘common touch’ items such as magazines, but do feel free to bring a book or magazine for your personal use.


  • Please don’t bring your own beverages as
    taking your mask on & off is discouraged for team safety.


  • You are asked to refrain from touching products in our retail area, if you would
    like to buy a product please ask a member of our team. Whilst this area will
    be cleaned regularly, it is still advisable in order to limit the risk of infection.


  • We will be keeping clients at a safe distance throughout their appointments
    by leaving a seat free between each styling station. Having two salons, plus a
    courtyard garden at Henley & an upstairs area at Solihull make this easier for
    us to ensure & to maintain good airflow.


  • All clients will have single use items used on them e.g. towels & capes.
    Gowns will all have been deep cleaned before every client & only used once.


  • All equipment used during your appointment (e.g. scissors, combs, brushes
    etc.) will have been sterilised before your service.


  • All nail bars have perspex screens & any beauty services that require the
    client to remove their mask will be carried out in a private room & the
    Beautician will be wearing a KN95 mask & visor.


  • All equipment used in any beauty service will have been sterilised or used only once.
    Our usual standards of never double dipping during waxing will, of course, still apply
    & any nail gel/polish will be decanted to avoid cross contamination by brush application.

  • All areas of the salon & beauty rooms will have been cleaned before you
    arrive for your appointment – we are allowing additional time between
    appointments to ensure that each area of the salon is cleaned before our next
    client arrives.


  • To go towards the extra cost, both in materials & time, of these precautions
    there will be a Covid-19 surcharge of £6. This is a temporary charge & will be
    removed as soon as these measures are no longer needed.


  • We understand it has been a long time since your hair was last coloured. Due
    to the simple fact that we’re going to need to use more product to return your
    hair to its beautiful state, there will be a ‘one-off first visit back’ additional cost
    of a minimum of £10 & a maximum of £20. This only covers the cost of the
    additional product needed & we will not be making any profit from this charge.
    Of course this charge does not apply if you have been maintaining your
    colour with one of our colour kits.


  • Due to the necessary precautions that we now have to take, we have fewer
    appointments available. We would strongly advise booking your next
    appointment before you leave as availability is limited.


  • To minimise time spent in reception we suggest pre-paying for your
    appointment or via contactless.


  • We do ask that you come to appointments alone, without the company of a
    family member or children, to limit crowding within the salon. If your child is
    booked in for a cut & is too young to attend their appointment alone then you
    can absolutely accompany them, just let us know in advance so we can make
    sure this will be at a quieter time of day.


  • We will temporarily not be able to offer appointments to children under two
    years of age, due to the recommended guidelines that warn against using
    masks on children this young.


  • Please be very honest with us if you feel unwell or if you’ve been in contact
    with anyone who’s been unwell with any similar symptoms to COVID-19. If
    this is the case please do not visit the salon & inform us as soon as possible.


Above all, we wish to create a safe environment for our clients to be able to
use & enjoy. We assure you that coming to Aesthetics will be much safer than
inviting a non-family member into your home as we are taking every
precaution to protect our team & clients from infection.

If you have any queries about our Covid-19 measures, then feel free to
contact us at & we’ll be happy to reassure you.

To make an appointment, please call us on 0121 707 8866, internet bookings
are disabled for the time being.


NHS Heroes 
We want to give back to our NHS Heroes, so once we’re back we’ll be giving
complementary Cut & Blow-drys to NHS staff that have been working on the
front line.

We’ll be offering a select amount of appointments each week to ensure that
everyone gets a turn.

If you or someone you know is tirelessly working on the front line of Covid-19,
let us know at & we’ll make sure they get a
complementary appointment.

The changes you will encounter have not been taken lightly & are following
government’s guidelines to ensure all health & safety standards are not just
met but surpassed.

Thank You for waiting for us & we can’t wait to see you soon.




Sarah, Adrian & The Aesthetics Team, xx