Like any other part of the body, your hair needs care & attention & if you do not take care of your hair it can become weakened,  distressed & damaged.

At Aesthetics we provide a range of enhanced conditioning treatments to repair & revitalise your hair.

Acidic Bonding Treatment £20

This backwash treatment provides ultimate repair, by rebalancing the pH levels of your hair to achieve an instantly healthy condition whilst delivering colour-fading protection for all hair types & textures. Your Stylist can create a bespoke ratio of moisture & protein concentrates to suit your specific hair needs. Why not carry on the treatment at home with Redken's Acidic Bonding Range available in-salon.

Olaplex Treatment £31

Here at Aesthetics Solihull we pride ourselves on being on-top of industry trends & products & we were proud to be one of the first salons in the UK to provide the amazing Olaplex treatment, that is the go-to secret weapon for Hollywood A listers. This treatment works by reconnecting the disulphide sulphur bonds that get broken in the process of hair colouring & lightening, leaving you with stronger, healthier-looking, glossy hair

Olaplex In Colour £20

This revolutionary product can be added to your bleach treatment, to lighten hair without the damaging results of bleach, giving you more protection when it comes to colouring your hair & a longer-lasting colour.

Absolut Repair Treatment £20

This backwash treatment is tailored towards environmentally/chemically damaged hair, offering much more than just surface repair, but inner molecular repair. Continue the treatment at home with the Absolut Repair range including a Shampoo, Pre-Treatment & Leave-In Mask.

Pureology Superfood Treatment £5

A nourishing, moisturising, vegan treatment. Great for those with extensions as it's sulphate-free.