Gel Overlay manicures offer even more protection than our 2 week manicures, helping your nails grow and making it an ideal treatment for weaker nails and those who are a “little heavier” on their nails.

Calgel Overlay - 60 min £41

Enjoy long-lasting 21-day nail beauty with a pure gel finish. Nails are shaped, followed by cuticle work .We’ll prepare your nails with a customised base coat and flexible gel, before applying

Calgel Infill - 45 min £35

The go-to treatment when your full set grows out. Nails are shaped and buffed, followed by cuticle work, before applying the same or a darker colour and nourishing cuticle oil to finish.

Calgel Nail Repair - 15 min £12

There’s never a good time for a damaged nail. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Your expert nail technician will advise you on the best way to restore your nails to perfection